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The U-U of Chiropractic

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The U-U of Chiropractic is the Under-Utilization of the health philosophy, science and healing art that is at the foundation of chiropractic care. Why is Under-Utilization an issue for you and your family? Why should our culture take note?
Benefits of Utilization
The statistics on the benefits of a healthy spine and nerve system and chiropractic care are astounding and well documented by scientific literature and the tens of millions of people benefiting from the care. Here are some examples:
People under chiropractic care use medical services 58% less
People under chiropractic care take less medication
They are 15% less likely to end up in nursing homes
They are more likely to get back to work faster after injury on the job
They perform better in sports and recover quicker when injured on the field
A Clear Message
In the past, mixed messages about the benefits of chiropractic may have misguided you on how to utilize the care. They sometimes leave the impression that it is just for back or neck pain. While chiropractic care is exceptional at helping people with pain and other health problems, that’s not what the care is about. The true benefits of chiropractic care will be experienced when you and your loved ones go beyond Crisis Care and make the Critical Transition to Lifestyle Care. This type of care is not about treating symptoms. It is about keeping your spine and nerve system healthy and balanced over the course of your lifetime, whether you suffer from symptoms or not, so your body can function at its optimum levels.
From the moment you were born, your spine and nerve system have been exposed to macro and micro traumas that can affect the growth, development and function of your spine and nerve system. Since nerves control your entire body, these traumas may cause immediate symptoms that can affect every area of your body, or they may lie dormant and asymptomatic for decades leading to deterioration and disease down the road.
Which Type of Care is Right For You?
So what is the appropriate level of utilization of chiropractic care? The answer is different for everyone and can be discovered through a chiropractic examination. You will find that the intensity of your Lifestyle Care will depend on the intensity of your lifestyle, health goals and the underlying pre-existing conditions that have impacted your spine and nerve system since birth. If you want to live an active, healthy, long life, you must have a healthy spine and nerve system. Period. Get your spine and nerve system checked today and find out how you can best utilize and benefit from chiropractic care. Start today, regardless of your age, and express your full potential for a lifetime!

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