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American Red Cross’ Oldest Volunteer

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At age 101, Betty Grenig is the American Red Cross’ oldest and longest-serving volunteer. She has been serving the nonprofit for over 80 years across the nation and even overseas.

Betty began volunteering in 1939. Her very patriotic mother encouraged her, then a 17-year-old high school student, to knit socks for soldiers in the Army. Her mom said, “You can knit Betty, get busy.” Little did she know then the impact those words would have on the rest of her life. After marrying, Betty’s husband joined the Army, taking their family with him around the world. Without fail, Betty would find a way to volunteer for the Red Cross. Since the need for volunteers has never stopped, neither has Betty. For over eight decades she has continued to serve.

Betty is just one of may centenarians who know for a fact that you’re never too old to give back. Regardless of your motivation, finding a way to be of service will help you stay active, mentally sharp, and give you a support network that will appreciate your wisdom and talents. Take advantage of the good health you have earned by living your 100 Year Lifestyle. Put all those healthy years to good use. Betty has set the bar pretty high already, and she’s still going. Let’s see what you can do!

To find out more about the American Red Cross’ oldest volunteer and her amazing lifetime of service, keep reading.



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