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103 and Still Running

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He’s a super athlete by any standard. Sawang Chanpram just returned from the 22nd Asian Masters Athletics Championships in the Philippines with 4 gold medals. His age group, 101 – 104 year olds. Sawang is 103 and still running, and winning.

With the exception of a little hearing loss, Sawang has had a clear track for running since he retired from his job as a school director almost 40 years ago. Since that time, he’s focused on developing his fitness and becoming a serious competitor. Clearly, he’s living his 100 Year Lifestyle on a runner’s high. But according to research, there is no pace, distance, or other objective measure that determines whether or not you experience runner’s high. Science says the same “high” can be achieved if one just stays the course and doesn’t give up. If this is true, we’re talking not about a runner’s high, but a persistence high. We’d all have to agree that Sawang has persistence. Persistence to be at it for 40 years – and at age 103!

Traveling to China, Singapore, and Malaysia to compete, he’s only been held back by the requirement of travel insurance for people over 100 years old that is in place across Europe. Otherwise he’s been sprinting and weight-throwing his way to championships wherever he competes. 

A non-smoker who doesn’t drink alcohol, Sawang credits his healthy longevity to a nutritious diet based on steamed and boiled fish and vegetables. 

He loves nature, which he credits for his ability to maintain a clear and stress-free mind. Interested in his bare-bones daily routine? Keep reading.


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