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Josh P.
Satisfied Patient

Great people and amazing care! I highly recommend to anyone!

Kat S.
Satisfied Patient

I’ve been going here about 6 months now. I go for lower back pain (that shoots into my legs) and for TMJ. My quality of life has improved drastically. I used to be in pain while doing anything from working, going to the gym, or just walking down the street. Super grateful to Dr.Muncy and his staff!

Margaret Y.
Satiesfied Patient

I started going here in November and had daily pain. I was exhausted by the time my work day was done. Now. just a couple months later, I finally feel like I did ten years ago!

I highly suggest anyone having pain to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!!!

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Sherry M.
Satisfied Patient

Dr Muncy and his staff are great! Before I started going there, I was scared to go. Dr Muncy made me feel at ease and really helped my back and leg. When I get a sinus infection, he always makes my head fell better! He can also help migraines! If you’ve never been, give it a try!

Jan E.
Satisfied Patient

Though my condition wasn’t a “quick fix”, it is improving steadily since I began treatment. Dr. Muncy is professional but relaxed and funny, so you find yourself laughing as you are getting your adjustments. I’d much rather go through this course of treatment than under the surgeon’s knife, so I’d recommend this practice to anyone experiencing problems that can be addressed by chiropractic care.

Jaime R.
Satisfied Patient

Great office always friendly , great chiropractor and amazing weight loss system that helped my entire family take control of their health.

Ronny B.
Satisfied Patient

What an amazing place and amazing doctor! This is the epitome of a natural healing environment.. My health has never been better after seeing Dr. Muncy! Highly Highly recommend anyone to seek out this office to CHANGE THEIR LIVES!

Angie M.
Satisfied Patient

I used to have frequent headaches. With regular care from Dr. Muncy, I rarely have headaches. I have also noticed that I don’t get colds and sinus infections as much either. I am thankful to be healthier with his care! I’ve had difficulty with back spasms, but I don’t have as much pain with regular adjustments!

Brandie E.
Satisfied Patient

After giving birth to my son and caring for him over the last year my back and neck were killing me! Little did I know past injuries coupled with the demands of my new mommy lifestyle were the culprits. Who knew?? I highly recommend dr. Muncy for all mommies and mommies to be!

Bill M.
Satisfied Patient

I was referred to Dr. Muncy to aid with what we thought was vertigo. After my initial x-ray and treatments, Dr. Muncy determined that there was an issue with my spine causing the dizziness and was able to treat quickly. I haven’t had an episode in almost two years, and it is wonderful!

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Dr. Muncy is very thorough with the exams to make sure he knows what is needing to be done! He always listens to my needs at every visit to make sure I feel better when I leave!
Natasha H.
Satisfied Patient
Dr. Muncy is a fantastic chiropractor! The staff is welcoming and very attentive. I feel better during my work week and feel even better for my golf game on the weekends. Thanks Todd.
Andrew S.
Satisfied Patient
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