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Knee, Shoulder & Hip Pain in Bristol, VA

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Knee, Shoulder & Hip Pain in Bristol, VA Relieved without Surgery or the Use of Drugs

Knee, Shoulder & Hip Pain in Bristol, VA: Pain and restriction in the knee, shoulder and hip are common for many people and have a variety of causes. Dr. Todd Muncy works to keep his patients pain-free with chiropractic care and regenerative medicine.

Managing Knee Pain at Muncy Family Chiropractic

The knees endure considerable amounts of stress during a patient’s lifetime. Over time, the knees may be prone to the effects of wear and tear. The knee is a very complex joint that relies heavily on muscles and ligaments for stability. When a patient comes in with knee pain, Dr. Muncy examines the knee joint as well as the lower back, hips, ankles and feet as these parts of the body have direct influence on the knee. Once a thorough examination is performed, he will provide the right care specific to the patient’s needs.

Comprehensive Care Reduces Shoulder Pain and Promotes Healing

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. It allows for a wide range of movements to take place from the arm and the hand. Any of the many bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles in this part of the body can become irritated and create pain. Just as with any other pain condition, the sooner you get appropriate care the quicker the pain will go away and allow you to get back to normal everyday activities. You are less likely to have a recurring or chronic shoulder problem the sooner you receive care as well. Dr. Muncy will provide an examination in order to determine the best form of treatment as no two patients are alike. He will provide treatments directed at the specific cause of the problem area.

Managing Hip Pain at our Bristol Medical Clinic

Over a patient’s lifetime, joints may be more susceptible to the effects of wear and tear. When a patient visits due to pain, Dr. Muncy works with the patient to diagnose, treat and manage musculoskeletal problems. He treats these problems by providing spinal adjustments as well as adjustments to other joints within the body. Care varies depending on the specific needs of each individual.

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