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Brits Looking Toward the 100 Year Lifestyle

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The United Kingdom is launching a new initiative between Parliament and private industry. In a nutshell, the Brits are looking toward the 100 Year Lifestyle. They may not know it yet, but that’s what they are doing.

New Ground?

This new initiative is based on their desire to pivot from “investing in sickcare to investing in prevention.” Sir John Bell, Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford was interviewed on the subject. He stated that “it is no longer possible to afford a healthcare system based only on response to illness. Society needs its citizens not only to engage in their health and behavioral choices across their lifespans, but to be supported in those choices.” This is great news! At 100 Year Lifestyle we’re delighted to hear of governments and businesses recognizing what we’ve been talking about. Talking about for literally decades. In fact, not only have we been speaking directly to the public – individuals and families – but also to athletes, companies, organizations, and doctors. So, the Brits are doing something wonderful, but they’re not exactly forging new ground.

The article went on to say:

As we are progressively seeing with research on the psychology, sociology and biology of aging, age-related chronic diseases are not inevitable or untreatable. We need to take a multipronged ‘whole of life’ approach to tackle all the different but interacting drivers of health and disease – lifestyle factors (including diet and physical activity), socioeconomic determinants (such as discrimination, early and lifelong education, training and skills, financial status and social support), and, increasingly, the characteristics of physical environments (such as green spaces and air quality) need more attention. In particular, continual interactions with and cumulative exposures to the surrounding physical and social environments throughout life have vital roles in later-life outcomes.

Like We Said

In other words, they are saying stop blaming age when it comes to disease, take a whole life approach or lifestyle, (including diet and physical activity), engage in lifelong learning and develop a social support system. Oh, and get outside. Sounds like a plan! A 100:100, 100 Year Lifestyle plan!

So, all kidding aside, it’s wonderful that Britain is trying to make these encompassing changes to their healthcare system. Perhaps the American healthcare system can take note of their efforts and make some changes here as well. If you guys across the pond need any help, the 100 Year Lifestyle is here for you!

Do you have a practice or a company that is aligned with the 100 Year Lifestyle values? If so, come brand with us. Would love to help you reach more people and educate your community about the importance of taking charge and living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.

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