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Dive In

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Taghi Askari has never let anything keep him out of the water. At 100, he performed an exhibition dive at the 2024 World Championships in Doha, Qatar. That dive was followed by his being the oldest competitor at the World Aquatics Masters Championships. To Taghi, when you find something you are passionate about, you should dive in.

He began diving as a child at his home in Iran. He loved it and went on to win titles in the Asian Games and titles and a gold medal in national competitions. 

Taghi stopped competing professionally at 41 after winning the gold. However, he never lost his love for the sport. So, when the opportunity arose to compete again, there was nothing  holding him back – not even his age. 

While diving clearly offers many healthy benefits, Taghi credits his passion for the sport for keeping him young. At The 100 Year Lifestyle we know that passion plays an important role in your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Your healthy longevity includes things that you enjoy. Taghi is lucky that his passion is a healthy exercise that he has been able to do throughout his life. He was able to perform his exhibition dive because he has made regular diving a part of his lifestyle – for 100 years! And from the looks of things he has no plans or reason to stop.

Taghi clearly loves every moment of diving. You can see it on his face when he talks about the sport, stands on the board, and emerges from the water. Pure joy. See for yourself

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