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What Else Can I Do?

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What else can I do to contribute to society? That’s the question Peter Davies asked himself. The answer was volunteer helping children at a local primary school in his community of  Bollington in England. Many would say that Peter has done enough. He was a war hero and then served as the mayor of a local town where he and his wife of 72 years raised a family. Oh, and he’s 100 years old.

No Bingo For Him

Peter, who began volunteering when his wife died, is described by his daughter as “not the sort of guy to go and play bingo.” A glider pilot during the war, Peter took part in the largest airborne operation ever, crash-landing in Germany as allied forces crossed the Rhine.

Marbles? Check.

When he found himself a widower, no longer able to walk but, as he puts it, with all his “marbles,” he approached the local school. After passing the required checks, Peter began helping the children to read – and enjoy reading. The kids love him and the time they spend with him, and he says it makes him feel like he’s 10 feet talk to hear them greet him when they see him on campus or off. His daughter believes that it’s these friendships with the children that are keeping him going.

Life Purpose

It was Charles Henry Parkhurst who said that “purpose is what gives life meaning.” Purpose is your main life motivation – the reason you get out of bed every morning. Life purpose might be different for everyone, yet it is essential for everyone. Certainly, it is integral to living 100:100. Clearly Peter Davies understand the meaning of life purpose, and as a centenarian he is still living his “why.” 

Does it sound like Peter might have a good thing going? Want to learn more? Keep reading.






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